Nurse Reveals the Truth: This is The Secret Of How I Fixed My Bunion Pain

By Jessica Norman | May 29, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

I just finished work for today. My bunions are terribly painful. 

It's been about 10 hours of walking, helping patients, and being on my feet pretty much all day.

As a nurse, I don't have much time to break or to sit down.

So I constantly suffer from sharp, burning pain that shoots up the side of my foot. 

But lately, it only seems to be getting worse...

Most days, I could barely walk without limping.

And the pain is always worse at night - when I'm trying to rest.

I would even wake up in the middle of the night to throbbing pain.

For 2 Years, My Bunion Pain Has Made My Life a Nightmare

My daily life was filled with so much anxiety and frustration…(not even mentioning the excruciating pain).

At this rate, I’m worried I’ll have to rely on painkillers.

I wish I could get my old life back… 

I used to run 3 or 4 times a week up until 2 years ago.

And now that’s no longer an option with my foot pain.

I'm watching myself put on weight.

The sleepless nights, the lack of exercise…

It makes me feel worthless and lazy.

I feel like an 80-year-old woman, even though I wasn’t even 40 yet. 

So, if you’re like me - suffering from painful bunions I really FEEL you.

And I want you to know it’s not your fault.

No one chooses to have bunions. But some people choose not to do anything about them.

The Most Frustrating Part Was, I Was Doing Everything I Could to Get Better

I tried everything from harmful painkillers, bunion correctors, gel spacers, wide shoes, and even expensive orthotics, but nothing worked.


They all just temporarily mask the symptoms.


Painkillers are great at providing short-term relief but the moment you stop taking them, the effect wears off.


Plus, they are addictive. 


And there are a lot of negative side effects like migraines and anxiety attacks.


Custom Orthotics & Wide Shoesare incredibly expensive. And even with them on, I have always felt pain and pressure along my bunions. 


Bunion Correctors & Toe Spacers are basically useless. They are too flimsy to provide any relief and don’t “correct” anything. 


Exercise - Gosh! … I tried every exercise there is.


…But nothing helped.


I blame genetics and I wish I had taken better care of my feet when I was younger…


But now, there’s nothing I could do.


I was afraid I was heading for surgery.

But I was terrified…

I remember my mother’s recovery – six excruciating months before she learned how to walk again.

I think about the bills pilling up, the shrinking of our savings account – all while my husband's just lost his job.

And my 2 daughters?

I don’t want them to feel the stress, the strain…

It’s all just too much to bear right now…


I just want to be able to walk without pain – is that too much to ask?


But right then and there, I swore to God I would find a solution.


I rang every single foot specialist I could find in my area.


69 phone calls and appointments later, something happened…

“Don’t Even Think About the Surgery”

One of the podiatrists from the nearby hospital, Dr. Sanders, recommended I try this new bunion splint.

He had just developed it together in partnership with one US based startup called Nomeria.  

At the time, there were only a handful of people accepted for the clinical trials, but since I worked at the hospital, he was able to get me in.

They call it the BunionFixed.

Let me say, these things are miracle workers. 

It was the first time I heard about Toe Alignment Physiotherapy.

Yes, first time I heard it, I also thought he was speaking Chinese.

BunionFixed’s secret is its revolutionary hinge joint mechanism…

which works by holding the joint securely in place…

while pulling the tip of the big toe away from the smaller toes.

You see, this straightens the big toe COMPLETELY…

which releases years of built-up tension and gives the big toe joint a unique, powerful stretch – providing long-term pain relief.

And it is the lack of a strong, complete stretch why other bunion correctors and toe spacers don't provide enough relief.

The best part?

It’s so simple to use.

Just slide it on, align, and that’s it!

You can wear it while relaxing at home or overnight and let it do all of the work. 

I bought 2 of them, one for each of my bunions.

5 Years of Pain, Frustration, and Anxiety Were Erased in One Month of Using These

I can’t thank Dr. Sanders and Nomeria enough. 


After just a few sessions, I have gone from a pain level of around 8 or 9, all the way down to a 0!


My bunion pain has completely gone!  


I even went on a long walk with my husband, and I think I’ll be back jogging soon.


I wish I would have found these years ago to help my mom avoid surgery!


I know it sounds like a stretch, but this bunion device literally saved my life. No surgery and painkillers needed!


And I have the energy of a woman 20 years younger.


I feel like the best days of my life are ahead of me.


If standing seamlessly for hours on end without bunion pain is a priority for you, I can't recommend it enough - I encourage you to give BunionFixed a shot and watch as your pain disappears in mere seconds.

Here’s How It Works

BunionFixed uses toe alignment physiotherapy to effectively stretch the bunion back to its natural, straightened position – eliminating pain instantly.

Just wear it after work or while relaxing at home for 30 minutes a day – and let BunionFixed erase any pain. 

Plus, you can adjust the tension for your bunion size, so there is zero possibility you will not be able to find a satisfactory stretch for your bunion.

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

If you check out Nomeria’s website, you will find thousands of reviews from people who were able to put an end to their bunion pain with these unique bunion splints.

To read more reviews and order your bunion splint, visit their website.

Life Is Too Short to Live in Pain! Try BunionFixed and Make the First Step Towards Your New, Pain-Free Life Today

Experience bunion pain relief within 30 days of using this bunion splint, or get ALL your money back.


Watch your bunion pain disappear within 30 days or get all your money back.


Nomeria's promise to YOU is THIS:


If you use this bunion splint for the next following 30 days for JUST an hour a day!


You WILL get rid of bunion pain and you WILL live your life to the fullest again.


Click the button below and check the availability

Still on the fence?


Imagine this: Your will feel like you are 20 again.


And you will get back to all the things you love doing. 


And if not? 


If not, you will receive 100% refund of every penny you paid,


PLUS you keep the product. For FREE!!!


If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results, Nomeria don’t want your money. No hassles, no questions asked.


If your throbbing bunions are not transformed into a feeling of bliss and relief, they will return 100 percent of your purchase price.


Simply email them at


You have nothing to lose.


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