Traditional measuring tools such as tape measures and levels can cause massive measurement errors, resulting in delays and additional costs for necessary corrections. In addition, these tools can be tedious, time consuming and even cause pain and injury. 

You may have purchased several conventional measuring devices. Unfortunately, the results you were hoping for were not forthcoming.

Rest assured, there is a solution!

An American company based in Mississippi has designed a powerful measuring device that uses a laser to find your way more easily.

But then, real or fake?

If you do DIY on a regular or occasional basis, you've probably heard of the digital tape measure. The brand Minavia is behind this innovation. In fact, they received the Product of the Year award in 2022.

How does it work?

Reduce the time and effort required for your woodworking or woodworking project! This measuring tool helps you improve your work efficiency and complete your project faster and easier by giving you quick access to accurate and precise measurements.

Here are the advantages that we could list while testing the product

High accuracy: laser tapes allow for more precise measurement accuracy than traditional tools.

Speed: Laser tapes make measuring distances faster and easier, without having to unroll or refold a mechanical tape.

Range: It can measure distances up to 10 meters, making it ideal for large areas or heights.

Ease of use: The laser tape is lighter and easier to use, reducing the risk of pain and injury.

Multi-functional: It can be used for applications such as measuring lengths, angles, circles, surfaces, volumes, etc.

Economical: The laser tape can be used repeatedly, reducing long-term costs. It also reduces the amount of scrap, which will make the wallet happy.

What do we think?

As you know, we are always 100% transparent with you and we always give you our honest opinion. And this time it will be positive, because we are absolute fans of this product. We all took turns testing it, we were so impressed. This one saves a ton of time during DIY, it's really amazing. Now we can see why it has been such a buzz this year.

Satisfied customers number in the thousands

Negative points

The only negative point we noted was the discount. When we ordered, the item was not on special offer so we paid a lot. But now it's at a big discount. So I advise you to go for it before the promotion ends

Where can I buy it? 

The Digital Tape Measure is currently on special offer at the time of writing. Take advantage of it before it runs out of stock!