This Company Developed a New "Smoothing Brush" that made the buzz in 2022!

There are many different straighteners on the market. Most of them are not good for the health of our hair but also they don't straighten well so we take a lot of time to blow dry. With so many choices and prices, it's hard to know which straightener to buy. 

You've already bought several straighteners, whose brand claims were great. Unfortunately, the results you were hoping for were not there.

Fortunately there is a solution

An American company based in Miami has designed a hair straightener that automatically adjusts its temperature according to the person's hair. This allows me not to damage the hair but also to gain in speed of smoothing.

What does it have more than the others?

✅ Adaptive temperature control: The brush adjusts temperature based on the person's hair type, reducing the risk of damage.

✅ Faster straightening: Automatically adapting temperature can lead to a more efficient styling process.

✅ Convenience: The brush combines the functions of a straightener and a brush, making it a convenient all-in-one styling tool.

✅ Gentle on hair: The brush's ability to adjust temperature according to the hair type can make the styling process gentler on hair, reducing breakage and split ends.

✅ Improved styling results: The combination of temperature control and brush-like design can result in smoother, straighter hair with less frizz and fewer flyaways.

We tested for you 

To tell you all about it, Marie from our editorial team tried on the epilator that's making the buzz. We were sceptical when we ordered. We had a doubt about the effectiveness of this one. But we ordered and received it quickly, less than a week to get it. 

What do we think?

As you know, we are always 100% transparent with you and always give you our honest opinion. And this time it will be positive, as we are absolute fans of this product. 

As someone with curly hair, I have always struggled with finding the right balance between straightening my hair and avoiding damage. I have tried countless products and tools, but nothing seemed to work the way I wanted it to. That was until I discovered the Smoothing Brush.

Before using this product, I used to spend hours straightening my hair, trying to avoid any heat damage along the way. But with the Smoothing Brush, things changed for the better. The brush automatically adapted to my hair type, so I no longer had to worry about setting the temperature too high or too low. And the best part? It straightened my hair so much faster than I ever thought possible.

The design of the brush made it easy for me to style my hair, as it combined the functions of a straightener and a brush. I could finally say goodbye to my old, time-consuming styling routine, and hello to a faster, smoother, and gentler process.

Not only did my hair look better after using the Smoothing Brush, but I could also see a significant improvement in the health of my hair. My curls were tamed, frizz was gone, and my hair looked shinier and smoother than ever before.

In short, the Smoothing Brush completely changed my hair game, and I would never go back to my old styling routine again.

Satisfied customers number in the thousands

Negative points

The only negative point we noted was the discount. When we ordered, the item was not on special offer so we paid a lot. But now it's at a big discount.

Where can I buy it? 

The brush is currently on special offer at the time of writing. Take advantage of it before it runs out of stock!