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Over 94,500 Satisfied Customers - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Free Shipping - Over 94,500 Satisfied Customers - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Free Shipping - Over 94,500 Satisfied Customers - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Free Shipping -

To have the look of a Hollywood star from home, without surgical intervention

This result is achieved:

✓ Achieve a look 10 years younger

✓ Fights under-eye bags

✓ Eliminates crow's feet and signs of aging

✓ Stimulates collagen production

The world's first face mask with E.M.S. technology.

The microcurrent stimulation gently massages the eye area to lift and tighten it. Using electrostimulation, it reduces dark circles under the eyes and shapes the facial muscles..... so that your eyes look up to 10 years younger and more natural.

✓ Eliminates dark circles and under-eye bags

✓ Gives a revitalized eye area

✓ Regenerates the cells of the epidermis

✓ Tightens the facial muscles

Trusted by dermatologists, celebrities, and people like you around the world

With our EyePulse™, you can say goodbye to tired and dull eyes... and have a look without dark circles and under-eye bags. EyePulse™ E.M.S Micro-Current... is used by dermatologists in clinics to quickly rejuvenate the skin. And today you can have it at home, without appointment, without waiting, without hassle....

✓ Improve your appearance

✓ Illuminate your eyes

✓ Achieves immediate, scientifically supported results

✓ Safe and without contraindications

Wie man es benutztHow to use it:

10-minute workout, 3 times a week

Step 1: Preparation Make sure the device is charged, apply some gel or serum to your face and put on the pods.

Step 2: Wearing the mask Place the device on your eyes and relax. The treatment lasts 7 minutes, after which the device automatically switches off.

Step 3: Completion of treatment Wipe the device with a warm cloth and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Charge your EyePulse™ so it's ready for another treatment.

All Included Treatment Set

  1. Control center with 9 different modes.
  2. 4x Large, reusable adhesive pads (for cheeks, jaw, chin, and neck).
  3. 4x Small, reusable adhesive pads (for the eye area and crow's feet).
  4. Conductive cables
  5. USB cable
  6. Quick guide - So you can get the most out of EyePulse.

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